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 ~ Psychosomatic Alchemy ~

Are you ready to understand your
body's language?

To access your innate power to heal?

To change the state of your
health & wellbeing?

Perhaps you’ve been struggling with physical and emotional health issues for a while, or you wish you didn’t have to pay so much money on potions and practitioners, or you simply know that your body is trying to tell you something important about the way you’re living your life…

There’s a reason you feel this way.

You know there’s more to your health than you’ve been told, and you want answers that put you in the driver’s seat.

It's time to take charge of your own health. Keep reading to find out how...

I want to teach you what I wish I knew years ago...

For many years I felt at the mercy of doctors, drugs and practitioners to help me ‘fix’ my body. I spent thousands of dollars and hours searching for anyone who could sweep away my ailments like they never existed.

But what I never knew is that I had the solution inside me all along.

I was the one creating my health and my body was crying out for me to listen… to learn its language, and restore balance. I had no idea that I had this power, and ultimately it’s what turned my health around.

Healing energy, life force energy, creative energy… they are all the same, and if energy is stuck or suppressed in any part of your body, physical and emotional issues emerge. It’s up to you to recognise and interpret the signs…

What You Ultimately Want is to Understand Your Own Body
& What It Needs to Stay Healthy

I’ve created this course for people who are walking a similar path, searching for a holistic way to heal, to understand the language of the body. Whether you’re wanting to improve your own health or you’re keen to understand how you can help others, psychosomatic alchemy has the power to change your life forever.

Psychosomatic alchemy is the result of a combination of practical & intuitive tools to bring greater awareness to the body you have created & why. Here's what it involves: 

  • A complete psychosomatic profile of your health, face & body
  • Tools you can use to analyse the face and body for yourself & to apply to others
  • A process to interpret physical ailments and accidents as they arise
  • An understanding of how to restore balance in your body & ignite your life force energy

I'll be sharing these techniques with you in fun & interactive live coaching sessions every week for 6 weeks, all online via Zoom video.

I'll be doing live demonstrations on each person, in our virtual classroom, as I teach you the fundamentals of psychosomatic healing.

Our 6-week Journey of Psychosomatic Discovery


Learn the psychosomatic meaning of the structure, features and shape of the face and what it says about your health, your relationships, your creativity and your gifts and challenges.


Learn how different parts of the body structure, weight distribution, tone and symmetry show how you process emotion, relate to others, and digest life challenges.


Learn how the body communicates imbalance in the form of different ailments & discover the process I use to diagnose my own health issues.


Learn about your particular psychosomatic strategy: how your unique body is designed to operate, create, and manifest health and abundance in all forms.


Learn how everything you’ve learned fits together into your full body profile, a complete analysis of the emotional, mental and physical traits that make you unique.

Weekly Live Call Times*

Wednesday 7pm Los Angeles / Thursday 12pm Sydney / Thursday 3am London


Friday 5pm Los Angeles / Saturday 10am Sydney / Saturday 1am London


Thursday 2am Los Angeles  / Thursday 7pm Sydney / Thursday 10am London

*Please note: Call times are confirmed upon enrolment. I make every effort to ensure all timezones are accommodated. 

Are you ready for change?

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OPTION 1: Group Coaching Program

Want to learn in a group?
We'll journey together in a small, intimate group of 6 people per call. Includes 6 x 90-minute group coaching sessions over 6 weeks, face/body profiles + call recordings.
Only 12 spots available.

OPTION 2: Private Coaching with Natalie

Want me all to yourself?
We'll journey together one-on-one, going through the course content in detail as applied to you and your needs. Includes 1-hour private coaching session per week for 6 weeks + all standard course inclusions above. Only 3 spots available. 

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