The Mind-Body Connection Glossary


What is my body telling me?


On this page you will find a psychosomatic interpretation of this particular area of the body and its associated problems. Use it as a guide only to better understand the non-physical factors that might be contributing to your overall health. To find out how to use the glossary of ailments, go to the Mind-Body Connection Glossary.


Related Chakra - What chakra governs the functioning of this part of the body?

This area of the body pertains to the Throat Chakra.



Teeth - What is the Mind-Body Connection?

The teeth represent the mind's ability to assimilate new information and apply it in daily life. The mouth has both soft tissue (tongue, gums and lips) and hard tissue (teeth) so it represents expression as a result of the coming together of both feminine creativity and masculine intellect.



Teeth Grinding - What is the Mind-Body Connection?

Other Names: Bruxism

The teeth clench and grind when there is frustration regarding your self-expression. Teeth grinding indicates there is tension as a result of holding back what you want to express and achieve in your life. This can be due to a disparity between what your mind wants and what your soul wants for you in this life. You need to have faith in your soul's guidance so your mind will release its control over your life.



Teeth Decay - What is the Mind-Body Connection?

Other Names: Teeth Cavities

When you do not make a plan to achieve what you want in life, your mind recycles the same information without any output. Therefore, you continously mull over the same thoughts in your mind and they start to 'eat away' at you. You need to put your ideas into action in order to keep progressing.



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Resources For This Page
  1. The Body is the Barometer of the Soul by Annette Noontil
  2. Anatomy of the Spirit by Caroline Myss
  3. The Creation of Health by Caroline Myss and Norm Shealy

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