The Mind-Body Connection:

Glossary of Ailments

What is my body telling me?


Welcome to the fascinating world of psychosomatics!

The purpose of this glossary is to open your mind to the non-physical causes of body imbalance. It is intended to extend your understanding of the mind-body connection and push you to see beyond your physical state of being.


The Glossary - What is it?

The mind-body connection reveals the emotional, mental and spiritual elements of physical dis-ease. This glossary links common illnesses, accidents and ailments with possible psychosomatic (mind-body) meanings. The meanings provided for each ailment are designed to offer you with a perspective on the cause of the dis-ease within your body. Each definition is therefore open to your interpretation and it is important that you apply it accordingly.


The Process - How do I use the glossary?

  1. Find and click on the name of your ailment or respective body part or area in the glossary index.

  2. Read the psychosomatic meaning with an open mind, taking note of what aspects resonate (ring true) with you.

  3. Click on the link to the relevant chakra to deepen your understanding of the issues associated with this chakra.

Note: Remember that the first step of becoming aware of the possible causes of your ailment is the catalyst for self-healing. Awareness, coupled with the willingness to heal, will lead to a process of unfolding the causal thoughts and behaviours behind your state of health. Return to the Path to Healing for more on this process.


Existing & New Ailment Entries - What do I do if I cannot find a specific ailment in the glossary?

There are approximately 200 ailments listed in the glossary, some of which have several possible meanings in terms of their mind-body connection. You will find that are linked with other ailments or body parts.

If you are unable to find your specific ailment in the list, find the associated body part or area of the body for a general description of its meaning. For example, for pancreatic cancer, you would search separately by 'pancreas' and 'cancer'.


Troubleshooting - What if I disagree with the mind-body connection meaning for my ailment?

At first, it may be easy for some people to readily dismiss what they read about their illness or ailment. If you are one of these people, I encourage you to honour your 'gut feeling' by taking with you what holds meaning and discarding the rest! You may find one day that you are drawn to seek further and farther for a holistic view of your state of health.

Remember, this glossary provides possible meanings from a general perspective. There are no 'hard and fast' explanations for physical imbalances and certainly no one meaning that applies to all people. It is ultimately up to you as an individual to discover how the mind-body connection applies to your unique experience. With a desire to heal, everyone will be guided on their own path to healing one way or another.


The Meanings - Where do the mind-body connection meanings come from?

The meanings or interpretations you will find in the glossary are based on typical or common beliefs which have a causal affect on the body.

There are some general meanings for the body's major components which will give you a general indication of the psychosomatic cause:

  • Bones = Resentment
  • Ligaments = Control
  • Muscles = Guilt
  • Nerves = Unbalanced Communication
  • Skin = Unworthy/Inadequate
  • Tendons = Inflexibility

As you can see, these body parts are associated with a general concept that can be applied in more detail to each individual person based on how they experience life and their unique consitution.


Accidents Versus Ailments - What's the difference?

Accidents are an interesting phenomenon because most people think that they are random events which can occur at any time to anyone. Of course, the reality is that they are not so random at all. If nothing else, the Law of Attraction says so!

If you view the body as a robust energy system in the context of chakras and their mental and spiritual meanings, it is only natural that an unhealthy belief will create a weakness in the energy field of the relevant chakra.

When this weakness persists in the chakra, the weakness will eventually manifest in the physical body, also in the relevant area of the body. The physical manifestation may come in the form of an accident or an illness, but either way, it indicates a weakness in the relevant chakra. An accident, in the same way as an illness, will bring your attention to that particular aspect of your being in order to be healed.

Breaking a leg or having concussion is a perfect way to get you to stop and listen to what your body is telling you!




For more information on psychosomatic theory, go to Psychosomatic Healing.

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Resources For This Page
  1. The Body is the Barometer of the Soul by Annette Noontil
  2. Anatomy of the Spirit by Caroline Myss
  3. The Chakra Energy Plan by Anna Selby

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